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The Cipher Team:

We are a group of forex traders with several years of combined market experience. After having spent long days and sleepless nights on the charts trying to crack the code, we are happy to say we have found a systematic way to produce consistency. We've already lost thousands and blew multiple accounts getting to where we are now so save yourself the time, pain, and money... join us today.

By popular demand, we currently offer a signal service where you will get callouts on trades we take ourselves. We will send analysis in advance as well as real-time calls with entry, SL, and TP. Our calls will include multiple forex pairs as well as gold, Nas, and US30.

We are also working on a course with our systematic approach to trading if you are more interested in learning to trade yourself, stay tuned for updates.

Why Us?

Unlike most signal providers, we deeply care about our members' profitability and prioritize their success above all else. We offer personalized guidance, comprehensive resources, and exceptional support to ensure our members' journey toward trading profitability is smooth and rewarding.

Even if you lose you win...

We are so committed to providing top-level service that if you can prove our analysis has not helped you we will give a full refund and a free 1 on 1 session.

We're in this together.

This is not just analysis and signals for the sake of this group. This is our real analysis of real trades that we take. We would never send anything to the group that we would not be willing to trade ourselves.